Our Clients

Ultimate Security’s corporate reception services are used by clients in many different locations in London including the West End, Canary Wharf, and the City. Although our primary clients are some of London’s leading office property management companies, they operate on behalf of a wide variety of businesses and sectors – event management companies, fund managers, private banks, IT companies, and many more.

Despite these variations, our clients have one thing in common – they want to ensure that visitors to their premises are left with a positive impression of their time in their building. Expectations are changing – it is about providing an outstanding property experience. Clients are looking for their provider to offer more than basic reception services and appreciate a more holistic approach to include elements such as security, front of house, and concierge services, as well as exceptional main reception personnel.

The Challenges

In discussion with clients and potential clients, a number of challenges were highlighted. These included:

  • In a new building, where an entire infrastructure needs to be implemented, a front of house team who are motivated to perform well in an exciting new venture is essential.
  • Where a new management company takes an existing contract over, there may be cultural and organisational changes which have to be identified and addressed.
  • In taking over from a previous provider, there could be staff concerns over job security, TUPE, welfare, and benefits. For some individuals, this can be an emotional process and needs to be handled sensitively.
  • A lack of communication and support from senior people at the existing supplier.
  • In terms of staff welfare and development, an absence of training, uniform, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and a high turnover of team members have led to problems for clients.

Why Ultimate Security?

Many organisations have selected Ultimate Security as their front of house and corporate reception services provider. The reasons for this include:

  • our excellent reputation for caring about our people
  • outstanding support from our Regional Management team, as well as from the Chief Executive and other Board members
  • our market-leading staff training and development programmes
  • our reliability, adaptability, and willingness to meet our client’s needs
  • our belief that the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Huanita Wallace is Ultimate Security’s Customer Services Manager and is responsible for the establishment, set up, and implementation of Ultimate’s front of house services. In discussion with the client, Huanita also defines the standards to be reached and assesses any ongoing training needs. Huanita says –

“Services are tailored for each client and for each building. Our people are there to deliver exceptional service and to leave a lasting, positive impression on all visitors. Ultimate’s ethos goes beyond the industry minimum as we move towards a ‘concierge-style’ service.”

Looking ahead, Huanita wants to ensure that Ultimate’s philosophy of outstanding service continues to develop –

“I am passionate about delivering an inspirational ‘front of house’ experience for our clients. We should always find a solution for them – whatever they need to ensure a flawless journey through the building.”

About Ultimate Security

Ultimate Security is one of London’s leading private security companies. Our name is associated with prestige security assignments and we provide excellent customer service to clients.

Our reputation as the ‘go-to’ provider for security, reception, front of house, and other services, is built on our core strengths, including:

  • industry expertise and track record
  • skilled personnel with market-leading training
  • reliability
  • professionalism and quality of service
  • innovation and adaptability
  • an outstanding approach to relationship management and client care
  • full industry accreditation.

“Our aim is to be the supplier of choice for prestige and high-risk locations in London.”

Paul Harvey, Director, Ultimate Security